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Employment Law

How Voce Legal Services Can Help?

1. Employment Frustration

2. Failure to Mitigate

3. Wrongful Dismissal

4. Employment Resignation

5. Reviewing and negotiating employment offers


Who is covered by the ESA?

If you are performing your work in Ontario or if your work is performed outside of Ontario bu the work is a continuation of work performed in Ontario.

Who is exempt from the ESA?

The ESA does not apply to:

* a secondary school student who performs work under a work experience program authorized by the school board,

* an inmate within the meaning of the Ministry of Correctional Services Act

*an individual who performs work under a sentence of a court order or as part of an extrajudicial measure under the YCJA.

The Company I work for has been sold, what are my rights?

If an employer sells a business or a part of a business and the purchaser employs an employee of the seller, the employment of the employee shall be deemed not to have been terminated or severed for the purposes of this Act and his or her employment with the seller is deemed not to have been terminated or severed. 

My employer has skipped pay periods, what can I do?

An employer must establish a recurring pay period and a recurring payday and has a duty to pay all wages earned during each pay period, other than accruing vacation pay, no later than that pay period. 

My Employment was terminated, what wages are owed to me?

If an employee's employment ends, the employer shall pay any wages to which the employee is entitled to the employee not later than the later of, 

a) seven days after the employment ends; and

b) the day that would have been the employee's last payday.


Booking of one person at a Time ONLY. If service is required for two persons or more, only one person at a time will be allowed to the office.


Please consider that Voce Legal Services will not be extending any legal advice on documents being notarized, commissioned, attested or certified

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