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Mediation & Alternative

Dispute Resolution

“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbours to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser – in fees, expenses and waste of time” – Abraham Lincoln

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process


There are many benefits to Mediation as an alternative to litigation, it is voluntary, confidential, affordable, flexible, and fast.

This is particularly important for individuals involved in family law matters. Mediations may be conveniently scheduled online during evening hours. 

Parties in dispute choose a mediator, a neutral individual who assists the parties reach their mutually acceptable settlement. 

The Mediator provides a written report at the conclusion of the mediation process. The report reflects the terms of the mediated agreement however because a mediator is not acting in the capacity of a legal agent it is not a legally binding document and participants are encouraged to seek independent legal advice prior to signing any agreement mediated or otherwise. 

What is the Mediators role?

To provide a safe and structured process and manage the process
The Mediator is an impartial facilitator whose role is to help participants communicate and negotiate in an attempt to resolve the issues- The CBAO Code of Conduct rules concerning impartiality require that mediators provide services solely in matters in which they can remain impartial- This is a highly coveted and important value for us. 
The Mediator does not take sides or make decisions for the participants
The Mediator cannot give legal advice
The Mediator will write a report once the mediation discussions are finished. The report will contain the decisions of the participants

"What is real to you, is real to you” – Carl Rogers

Voce can help.


Working with Voce Legal services you will have a neutral, qualified third party to assist in the settlement process.

We look at storytelling as an important part of the mediation process. We seek to guide disputants to understand their conflict. The goal with this type of mediation is to “resolve the conflict by uncovering and breaking down the disputants' stories so that they can be reconstructed into a larger narrative that integrates both parties interests”.  

Voce is a generalist mediation service provider our practice areas include:

  • banking and real estate dispute

  • contracts

  • landlord & Tenant

  • property

  • Immigration and refugee claims

  • insurance claims

  • family business

  • professional Services

  • employment

  • workplace

  • neighbourhood

  • government and Agencies

  • trade and commerce

Mediator Fees

Voce Legal Services will honour the mediation program fees for a three-hour mediation session under rule 24.1 O/Reg 451/98 of the Administration of Justice Act (1990)

For information or to start the mediation process 
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