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A Few Thoughts on Allyship and what it means to Voce,

Hi there!

Thank you for stopping in to read this post; our topic is rather important, so please hang in there until the very end, thank you.

June Pride month is wrapping up, and although the celebrations may be over, the work continues every day.

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about how the work continues and, mainly, how I'm supporting the 2SLGBTQI community.

As an empath and highly emotional person, My goal is always to understand and embrace the uniqueness of every individual I have the opportunity to support through my services. Being an ally in the legal and mediation community is critical in helping the 2SLGBTQI community. I see my role as an ally as a support to the community by using my voice to bridge the gap in conversations by increasing awareness and acceptance.

I am mindful that any space Voce occupies, whether on social media channels or through our #voce100challenge, openly discusses the issues in the community and provides the opportunity for those who need to speak their truths to be listened to by others. I know my role is to actively listen, learn and consistently show up to support the community. I understand that this is a lifelong journey, and a rather personal one for me too,

As a mom of two, my journey in allyship includes mindful parenting practices, which means bringing my conscious attention to any 2SLGBTQI events and experiences that they may have. I understand that I may not have the correct answer, and I will work with and connect them to resources that may provide them with the right answer. My role is not to dictate what their story should look like or anyone else; it is to safely promote positive health development and positive treatment for everyone because everyone needs love.

For ways to get involved, please visit.

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